gigi & bo’s Adventure

Instagram campaign sharing the news of giffgaff’s recent B Corp certification. Selected as part of an international live brief.

Through a series of Instagram stories posts, giffgaff’s gigi collects points towards certification, running through different ‘levels’, with each being centred on the different areas of the B Corp assessment. B Corp’s bo acts as gigi’s guide throughout the adventure.

A pack of stickers for Instagram Stories allows giffgaff’s members and the wider community to join in with giffgaff’s celebrations.

As part of the campaign, gigi and bo feature in guerrilla-style OOH engagements that invite puiblic envolvement. Washable chalk paint grafitti stencils of gigi and bo might be appearing soon near you, or a biodegarable paper sticker.

The characters’ design and the campaign narrative draws on giffgaff’s target audience, looking at millennial pop culture and video games to create an interactive experience.


Narrative & Illustration
Alise Anderson @alise_anderson_design

3D & OOH
Alicia Wright