INFERNO Visuals Dec 2023

Audio-reactive generative visual set controlled, rendered and delivered in real time using TouchDesigner.

For INFERNO’s final event of 2023, I applied creative machine learning, GLSL, 2D textures, deformed 3D meshes and manipulated found footage to create a visual environment that is an abstracted representation of INFERNO’s history and community.

The visual set consisted of generative components that respond in real time to a live audio feed from the decks, via the venue’s main sound desk. The components were programmed to respond to low frequencies, moving in time to kick drums and heavy bass as a result, with additional custom parameters controlled on the fly using MIDI.

I trained a GAN using over 2,300 images pulled from the INFERNO photo archive’s almost 9-year history. The model was trained under StyleGAN 2 ADA at 512px for 550kimg. Latent vector interpolation loops from randomly selected seeds featured heavily throughout the set, and incoming low audio frequencies were used to control their playback.

Also included in the visual set were found video clips of lava flows and volcanic eruptions, digitally manipulated to move in time with the live music, and creatively recoloured.


Visual & Machine Learning Programming
Alicia Wright

Dataset Content
INFERNO photo archive courtesy of Lewis G. Burton @lewisgburton