Mums Against Donk 4

Machine learning and real-time generative visuals for London’s leading donk and happy hardcore club night.

Building on my existing work with the collective, I created a visual set that pays homage to their event’s reputation as being camp and silly. With TouchDesigner, I designed a set of generative components that respond in real-time to the incoming audio from the decks. These components are inspired by liquid light shows, and make use of generative growth systems, noise displacements and video distortion.

To complement Alterum’s DJ set, I used transfer learning to manipulate a GAN model to create abstracted, morphing looping visuals that were displayed behind her throughout. Alterum always wears distinctive makeup during each of her sets, and this has become synonymous with Mums Against Donk’s visual identity.


Visual & Machine Learning Programming
Alicia Wright

Transfer Learning Dataset Content
Alterum @_alterum