Mums Against Goffs Machine Learning Visuals

Generative live visuals for London’s leading donk and happy hardcore club night’s crossover event with r u a goff?

El’s model training progress – 32kimg to 550kimg
Mia’s model training progress – 60kimg to 750kimg

In collaboration with photographers El Hogg @999999999boyscrysendpics & Mia Evans @ahgeewiz, I produced a collection of generative live visuals as part of a larger visual set shown in the event’s main room.

Using Nvidia StyleGAN2 ADA PyTorch, I trained machine learning models from scratch using datasets of images taken at previous Mums Against Donk events. The variety within the datasets, and the reduced training time allowed me to create highly abstracted motion graphics which interpolate between different latent vectors.

The final datasets consisted of ~280 images each at 256px. El’s model was trained for 550kimg and Mia’s for 750kimg.

The resulting works are a unique representation of the community cultured by Mums Against Donk’s parties, paying homage to the ever morphing identity of London’s queer nightlife.

latesleeper at Mums Against Goffs // Track ID – Unisil by SOPHIE


Machine Learning Programming
Alicia Wright

Dataset Content
El Hogg @999999999boyscrysendpics
Mia Evans @ahgeewiz

Event Organisers
Alterum @_alterum
Pissxie @pissxie