Raw Youth Collage Album (Concept)

Album artwork and live visuals sampler for Mura Masa’s second album and tour.

12-inch LP gatefold sleeve with splatter effect pressing
Album CD disc label
Singles CD compilation disc label
Singles CD compilation artwork and jewel case

This conceptual redesign of Mura Masa’s second studio album aims to channel the release’s title into visual means.

Through generative processes, each track on the album was analysed to generate a unique seed, with which a pattern was created. The LP disc labels are a visual representation of the album’s title track, whilst the rest of the album’s tracks are part of the inside of the gatefold cover, and feature on the 9-panel folding lyric sheet poster.

12-inch LP gatefold cover inside left
12-inch gatefold cover inside right
Album rear artwork
9-panel folding insert
9-panel folding insert – lyrics on reverse

In addition to the artwork, I also produced a sampler of concept live visuals. Key tracks from the RYC tour’s setlist were used to produce audio-reactive generative visuals using TouchDesigner. The visuals mainly react to bass and sub frequencies. Alongside the generative content is live-action footage, both manipulated and raw.


Design & Visual Programming
Alicia Wright

Live-Action Footage Support
Ben Harbour
Emilia Trim
Gustė Novikaite
Isabel Phillips
Maria Peliugaeva