RPA: Rave Preparation Archive

Photo boxset made in response to an essay exploring the role of attachment and collective memory in London’s rave scene.

Inspired by my visits to the Bishopsgate Institute’s archives, I looked at archival practices and intended to create the foundations for an ever-expanding documentation of my experiences and the interpersonal relationships I have formed in London’s nightlife scene.

The archvie consists of found photographs taken at pre-rave parties and outfit lookbooks, alongside acompanying texts from those featured in the archive, explaining their connections to the outfits and the significance they hold.

The Rave Preparation Archive is organised by series, fond and file, with different event collectives having their own series. 

Printed using archival-grade pigment giclée on acid-free G.F. Smith Colorplan and Cromatico Digital.


Photography, Edit & Print Design
Alicia Wright

Studio Photography Talent
Rahi Ali
Arina Baburskova
Cloud Dare
Tom Perks